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Payment & Insurance

Centerstone accepts most major insurance, including Medicare and TRICARE. If you have questions about how your insurance applies, you may discuss your options by contacting 941-782-4150 or email: or with the Addiction Center Liaison (941-782-4617) or email: Centerstone partners with financing companies willing to underwrite your care. Payment plans are also available.

Paying for health and wellness, even under the best of circumstances, can be a major challenge. But when a family loses their way due to addiction or behavioral health issues, the financial demands can become even more daunting. The Centerstone Scholarship Program was established to assist families/individuals in their quest for a better future because everyone deserves a chance for health and wellness no matter what their financial status.

To qualify for financial aid, applicants must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Income - Priority is given to low-to-middle-income applicants, as defined by the federal poverty guidelines from the Department of Health and Human Services with little or no means to pay for behavioral health or addiction care.
  • Household Size - Consideration will be given to households with two or more individuals requiring services or with more than six dependents in a household.
  • Crisis Level Behavior - Consideration will be given to individuals that self-harm; exhibit hurtful aggression on self, others or property; have a life-threatening health risk; cause high-level disruption; or demonstrate other crisis level behavior.
  • Other - Centerstone will follow any additional requirements or criteria for the distribution of awards as designated by the donor(s) providing the scholarship funds.