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Volunteers and Ambassadors



Centerstone seeks committed volunteers to help us expand our services. Positions are often available for rape crisis, child welfare, art and expressive arts and office work. For more information, contact Shawny Robey at or call 941-782-4320. Volunteer Application


Centerstone is pleased to offer you an opportunity to join us as an Ambassador. This group of individuals are engaged and invested in our mission and serve as powerful, effective voices for Centerstone. Proper orientation of our Ambassadors prepares them not only for success inside our organization, but also to speak knowledgeably and persuasively about our cause in the greater community. Their primary focus is on informing and educating others about the serves and opportunities available at Centerstone through mentorship and involvement.

For more information contact Shawny Robey at 941-782-4320 or email

Advocacy Program

Frequently those most affected by mental, emotional, and substance abuse problems need support in advocating for their needs. Centerstone will therefore identify unserved persons needing treatment, and actively advocate on their behalf with policy makers and funding sources. Join in this effort and make a lasting difference.

We'd be happy to talk with you personally about the options that are best for you.

For more information contact Shawny Robey at 941-782-4320 or email