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Scholarship Application.pdf We are deeply committed to reaching thousands more, giving those who need our care the gift of dignity and hope. Affording care can be a major challenge for most families. 

The Journey Scholarships

Recovery and healing are journeys that are personal and tailored to the needs of each person and family. Centerstone has been charged with providing quality behavioral healthcare for almost 60 years and, in Florida, has thus far helped 103,000 families through their journeys to health and wellness. Children, teens, adults and seniors who face trauma, major life changes, addictions, psychiatric illnesses and emotional disorders come to Centerstone to quietly, yet dramatically, improve their lives. We offer hope for all.

The Centerstone Journey Scholarship was established to help families and individuals in their quest for a better future, no matter what their financial status. This scholarship will enable all impacted family members to take advantage of a variety of Centerstone's 25+ services and programs. A $25,000 Journey Scholarship will assist an individual/family in their journey to a complete life.

When you provide a Centerstone Journey Scholarship, 100% of your gift will go directly to a scholarship for a family/individual starting their journey of hope through comprehensive treatment. No part of your gift will be used for administrative or fundraising costs. If you desire, your gift can also be designated for specific areas, groups (children, teens or adults) or programs of Centerstone.

Rape Crisis Scholarship

The Centerstone Rape Crisis Center serves men, women and children who are victims of rape/sexual assault. Our staff works with victims depending on their emotional state and then determines the best treatment plan. Children or adults receive individual, family and group counseling, according to what is best for them. The goal of the Rape Crisis Center is to make these services easily and readily available to victims and their families. A $1,000 Scholarship will provide for care and healing.

Psychological Testing

Centerstone provides psychological testing and evaluation services to children and adults. Many times, psychological testing and evaluation may be required to determine the right course of treatment for true change in behavioral health. Centerstone offers personality, intelligence, diagnostic, psycho-educational, cognitive and dementia testing as well as disability determination, disability impairment, personal injury, and competency evaluations. A $1,200 Scholarship will provide testing and evaluation for an individual who doesn’t know where to turn.

FACT Scholarship

The hope of Centerstone is that full participation in the life of the community is possible. Florida Assertive Community Treatment (FACT) Team provides comprehensive 24/7, community-based treatment and recovery to persons with severe and persistent mental disorders to live successfully in the community. A $1,500 Scholarship will provide support through life’s journey.

CAT Scholarship

Centerstone Children’s Community Action Treatment (CAT) Team serves families with children ages 5-21. The children served may have a mental health disorder and/or an addiction disorder. The ultimate goal of the Centerstone CAT Team is to provide comprehensive services so families can develop the strengths needed to provide a supportive and healthy home to at-risk children with multiple needs. By utilizing a holistic approach, the CAT team, available 24/7, arranges or provides all services needed to address the issues. The team provides family-centered, culturally competent services individualized according to the strengths and needs of each child and his/her family. A $2,000 Scholarship will provide family-centered services.

Addiction Center Scholarship

The Centerstone Addiction Center provides residents with the therapy, support and skills that will help them become productive, sober members of the community. The program focuses on the elimination of substance abuse and the improvement of mental health, social and occupational functioning. Our therapeutic setting is structured to each individual’s needs and enhances their chances of remaining substance free. Medically monitored detoxification from alcohol and/or other drugs are provided along with individualized counseling and education. A $10,000 Scholarship will provide 28 days of treatment.

Psychiatric Residency Scholarship

The American Osteopathic Association has approved the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM)/Centerstone Hospital Psychiatry Residency program, the first private, non-profit psychiatric hospital to have its own medical residency program. It is one of only seven such Osteopathic programs in the country. The first three residents will begin in the summer of 2014 and will stay for four years. Centerstone will add residents each year until there are 12 total.

The residents will receive training in inpatient, outpatient, addictions, severe and persistent mental health disorders including schizophrenia and bi-polar disorders. They will have the opportunity to experience all aspects of mental health care for adults, teens and children.

Centerstone currently trains post-doctoral graduates, interns and those in rotations in nursing, social work, pharmacy, occupational therapy, case management and therapy programs. Students come from throughout the nation and overseas to study here. Founded in 1955, Centerstone today is one of the foremost nonprofit mental health and addiction training centers in the country, leading the field in the implementation of co-occurring mental health and addiction treatment and trauma-informed care.

The current annual education costs are approximately $60,000 per resident.

The scholarship program is critical to the success of the residency program. Offering full or partial scholarships help highly qualified physicians with a pioneering spirit choose Centerstone. This course of study will become a defining element of the fabric and history of the physician’s career.

By providing scholarships, donors can have a direct impact on the lives and careers of our residents and students. When you support the residency program, you’re supporting our community’s future. After all, one or more of these doctors may someday save your life or the life of someone you love.

A $60,000 Scholarship will provide a year of education for a psychiatry resident.

Scholarship funds go directly to Centerstone a 501(c)3 nonprofit, for the education needs of each psychiatric resident.

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For more information contact Shawny Robey at 941-782-4320 or email