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We appreciate your contributions and assure you that we value each gift. Centerstone recognizes that because of your spirit of generosity, we are able to serve about 15,000 children, teens, women and men each year. Because of you, we can better meet the needs of those with mental health and/or addiction challenges live complete and healthy lives.

Chloe's Story

Chloe was a big-time "daddy's girl," whose world was turned inside out when he was killed in a car accident. She was just five years old and did not understand what happened, blamed her mom and acted out. A few years later, Chloe was diagnosed with a complex stomach disorder. The physical and emotional turmoil were bad enough, but then the kids at school started making fun of her and bullying her. So she tried to skip school often. Then, to make things worse, other close relatives passed away, and Chloe's life seemed out of control. The kids were cruel, she was sad all the time and she couldn't bear it.

"Heaven sounds a heck of a lot better than middle school," she told her mother as she threatened suicide.

"I had lost my husband; I wasn't going to lose my daughter," Karen, Chloe's mother stated.

Karen took her to Centerstone where they enrolled in the Children's Community Action Treatment (CAT) Team. There, they tested her and found she had depression, anxiety disorder, ADHD and a mathematics learning disorder. "No one else offered to test her," said Karen.

In CAT, Chloe gained coping skills and received therapeutic help. Her counselor found an opportunity for Chloe to use her skills as a make-up artist at the local community theatre. Chloe also enrolled in a special school program. There, she earned perfect attendance and straight A's!

Now Chloe is speaking out against bullying and is the first 8th grader on the Manatee County Youth Commission's Anti-Bullying committee. "I want to help other students who may have experienced the same things I did," said Chloe. She's found her purpose and is truly making a difference in our community!

Noelle's Story

My name is Noelle. I went through a difficult divorce and couldn't figure out what was wrong with me and why I felt the way I did. I had a breakdown and ended up in several different hospitals and centers. I was even hospitalized. My father found Centerstone and had me admitted there. While I was there I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. Finally, I began to understand what was wrong. It wasn't easy. I didn't always take good care of myself, and a lot of the medications would make me sick, and we'd have to try something else. The doctors at Centerstone found the one that was right for me, and I learned to accept that I need to take those meds, and I probably will for the rest of my life. And that's ok. But I also learned it's not just the medicine. I can't just pop and pill and I'm better. I have to have balance.

Through counseling at Centerstone I learned I first need to learn to love myself. Then, I learned to take accountability for myself and ownership of the illness. I'm learning time management. I live on an organized schedule that includes regular sleep. Now I've sharpened my living skills and have a healthy balanced life that includes sticking with important routines, caring for my darling dogs, holding a job and even volunteering as a Sunday School teacher. I've renewed relationships with my family and friends deepened my faith and have made healthy new relationships. 

My faith has made a great difference in my life as well. I realized that if someone is lost or doesn't have a higher purpose driving them, it makes the illness worse. But I believe I was given this pain and suffering to make me better prepared. Now my goal is to be able to counsel others and offer them a sense of hope. Thank you, Centerstone for making this possible.

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