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To fulfill our vision, Centerstone...

  • Embraces the humanity of those in our care.
  • Communicates to reassure and empower.
  • Carries hope for each one of those in our care.
  • Includes loved ones in the healing process.
  • Provides state-of-the-art care from caring staff.
  • Offers comfort through our generous hospitality.
  • Uplifts the human spirit through all faiths.
  • Inspires through the cultural and healing arts.

Centerstone believes that in a crisis every family should have a place to turn for mental health and addictions services. We hold out hope that full participation in the life of the community is possible.

Centerstone has four principle objectives:

  1. Expand Access to Care: Only one out of three adults and one out of four children who need mental health treatment actually receive it. For alcohol and drug patients it is only two out of ten with access to care. Centerstone is dedicated to expanding access to care through healthcare workforce training, innovative delivery systems, collaborative partnerships and integration with primary care.
  2. Place Clients and Loved Ones at the Center of Care: Centerstone embraces the humanity of those in our care by offering warm hospitality and reassuring communication. We include loved ones in the healing process and uplift the human spirit through all faiths. We inspire through the cultural and healing arts. We carry hope for our clients until they can carry it for themselves.
  3. Implement Solutions for Community Concerns: Centerstone has served our community for more than half a century. It is our calling to provide solutions to community problems such as homelessness, rape, child abuse and neglect, diversion from the criminal and juvenile justice system, emergency room overcrowding and failure to succeed in school. Centerstone is a catalyst for positive community and statewide change.
  4. Maintain Commitment to Community Care: Centerstone provides more than $17 million in charity care annually. Our Board maintains this level of service through grants and donations.